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Healthy teeth into old age - this is not a problem with appropriate care and prophylaxis. We can develop your prophylaxis plan - for optimum protection of your teeth.

Healthy teeth also depend on healthy gums. Periodontitis, a disease of the gums, can cause tooth loss if it is not treated and also cause serious diseases. Individual periodontal therapy can heal periodontitis completely in many cases.

With modern endodontics - treatment of the inside of the tooth - natural teeth can be retained over the long term. The extremely precise and effect methods of endodontics have very little in common with classical "root treatment"!

The materials that we use for prosthetic restoration of your teeth do not affect your health in any way. New ceramic materials can be used for prosthetics without metal content and with natural esthetics and perfect function.

Every dental procedure can now be administered atraumatically and virtually without pain. We can explain the ideal anesthetic methods in detail.

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